About Us

The Flying Dance Community (FDComm) was founded in the fall of 2004. Its Director, Nicholas (Nico) Muthui Kaburia wanted to share his love of dance as a way to celebrate life. Building a dance family based on a fun and friendly service, cultural diverse teaching, and focused on community was a logical and obvious step for Nico.

FDComm’s vision is to enrich people’s lives through dance, thereby bringing the community together in an environment that allows them to indulge in the many benefits of dance and cultural awareness, all the while focusing on improving and/or enriching their physical health and emotional well being.

FDComm has been privileged to be part of its students journeys of self reflection and in the development of lifelong personal connections. We are non-traditional in nature, and have expanded from providing just Salsa dance lessons to a studio that brings together multiple styles of dances under one roof. You will find West Coast Swing, Belly Dancing, Flamenco, African & Afro Cuban Dances, Hip Hop, Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Pole Dance Fitness, Waltz, Fox trot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Kizomba, Zouk, Bachata, Merengue and more taught by FDComm instructors, volunteers and partner dance studios.

FDComm offers lessons, workshops, bootcamps and social events for both adults and kids who love to dance. We also offer group, private & semi private lessons, and Corporate dance performances/workshops and seminars.

Reasons for joining our dance community

Something for Everyone

  • Different dance levels
  • Different dance styles
  • Different age groups
  • Different orientations 
  • Different cultures

Flexible Options

  • Different formats: group, private & semi-private classes
  • Weekend dance activities: workshops, dance socials

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Music soothes your Soul!
  • And reduces stress
  • Active living (mind & body)
  • Better balance & posture
  • Improved strength & flexibility

Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Friendly staff and students
  • Relaxed environment
  • Fun classes
  • Lots of laughs


  • Meet new people
  • Connect with old friends
  • Insight into different cultures
  • Indoor & Outdoor dancing all year long

Builds Confidence

  • Take a step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn something about yourself
  • Find your passion in life
  • Live your life fully
  • Laughter rejuvenates You!

Our Team

Kata Szabo

Manager / Instructor

Christian Galletto

Assist. Manager /DJ - FDComm


Instructor - FDComm / FDFest

Amy Maitland

Member - DEEP

Delali Hotfonyane

Instructor / Member (DEEP)

Nik Patel

Member - DEEP

Gino Cadorin

Guest Instructor - Guelph Social Dance

Amanda Winter

Instructor - UOG & FDComm

Jarin Pintana

Member - DEEP

Joan ApSimon

Member - DEEP

Stephanie Scott

Member - DEEP

Roblynn Hunnisett

Member - DEEP

Becky ES

Member - DEEP

Asia Murphy

Performer - DEEP

Ash-ish Shukla

Member - DEEP