Saying goodbye to the FDComm Dance Space

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Friday Night Latin Dance Fix!

Discover your new self through the world of dance. Start your journey with us today!

Why Do I Dance?


“Every time I dance, I feel stronger. I have less aches in my body, I feel loose and free. Plus an added bonus, I can now dance for hours without a moment’s thought.”


“No matter how challenging my life is, the moment I start dancing, everything washes away. I am in the present. I feel fresh, rejuvenated and ready to face whatever life throws at me.”


“It is easy building lasting friendships with people whom you share something in common. And in this case, its dance. We share countless happy moments dancing and laughing together everyday, every week, every month and year .”


I always learn something new from my dance friends. Our shared stories and experiences give me an unlimited resource of knowledge that helps me become a better person, to myself and with those around me.”


Once in a while, I like dressing up and going out with friends. And because of the amount of dancing involved with Salsa dancing, I get to get a good workout without realizing it and having lots of fun”


“I have met doctors, professors, midwives, clerks, trades people, artists, mothers, photographers, entrepreneurs, people in between careers, and through dance, we have build a dance community that supports us in the good & not so good times.”