Cultural / Themed Fridays

    Once a month all year around, we love dressing up and having a fun evening dancing with our friends. Why? Because we can. Because its needed. Life can be challenging and dancing helps rejuvenate the soul. And there is no better way to celebrate our cultural differences than through dance.

This year, we have:
1. A Wild West Latin Fiesta
2. The Great Gatsby Latin Fiesta
3. Masquerade Ball
(all events details below)

    In addition to our 3 annual theme parties, FDComm celebrates CULTURAL & THEME FRIDAYS, a once a month event where a unique cultural dance will be taught and performed at the studio by guest dance instructors. This runs on the 4th Friday of every month

Cultural Fridays (2019 to 2020)

The Evening’s Agenda

– 4th Friday of every month (except December)
– This is a potluck event, so we encourage attendees to bring some food & snacks from their cultural background to share with their friends
–  If you wish (and have time to prepare), dress up in an attire that represents your cultural heritage
– Cultural dances/performances showcased 

7:45pm – Doors Open
8:00pm – $25.00 *Casino Rueda 
9:00pm – $20.00 *2 levels of Salsa Lessons 
10:00pm – $10.00 *Social Dancing only
11:15pm – Line Dancing
1:00am – Closing

Note: All tickets sold at the door

Theme Parties (2019 to 2020)

Our Theme parties are hosted in the fall and winter of every year.  We encourage everyone to dress to suit the Themed evening. Here is what we have planned for this year!






Wild West Latin Fiesta – Friday Oct. 25th, 2019.  This is the 1st year we are hosting this theme.  I am looking forward to seeing lots of plad and boots!






The Great Gatsby Latin Fiesta – Friday Nov. 22nd, 2019.  Right out of the roating 1920’s.  There are lots of fun costumes one can dance with, so this night always ends up being an amazing evening!






Masquerade Latin Ball – Friday January 31st, 2020.  Dance and mystery are a very fun mix, so bring out your other personality and share some dances with us. It’s also a fun evening to distract us from the cold weather outside!

The Evening’s Agenda

7:45pm – Doors Open
8:00pm – $25.00 ** Workshop to be announced
9:00pm – $20.00 ** 2 levels of Salsa Lessons 
10:00pm – $10.00 ** Social Dancing and performances
11:15pm – Line Dancing
2:00am – Closing

Note: All tickets sold at the door

Upcoming Events

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