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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! Thank you for considering taking dance lessons with us. To help you along, here are some FAQ’s to guide you through our community website.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please send us a quick email and one of our team members will respond soon. Enjoy!

We have different options to best suit your needs!
1. Drop-in lessons are taught every Friday at 8 & 9pm as we kick off the weekend with our very popular Friday Night Salsa Fix! 
2. Take our 30 Day Salsa Dance Challenge!
3. Private lessons catered to any dance level.   If you have any questions, please email at any time, thank you.

Absolutely! Dancing can be as easy as walking when taught by any one of our amazing instructors. We teach simple, basic elements that build on a solid foundation in the different dance styles taught here.  We then re-enforce and work on that core foundation with lots & lots of practices personally, in our dance lessons and yes, in our social dances. With practice, you will learn to dance very well with us.

No partner needed to dance with us or any of the dance communities we interact with.  The majority of our students attend as individuals as well. The class is structured where there are frequent partner rotations. This helps both in learning the material and connecting with other students.

A   For classes/lessons; 
* For your 1st class, please make sure that you wear something comfortable that does not restrict your movement (jeans, free flowing top/shirt, gym wear). We believe comfort is the most important thing before one starts learning anything.
* For footwear, smooth leather or suede soled shoes are best but you can get by initially in rubber soled shoes particularly if they are not too “grippe”.

For Socials;
* Depends really.  Comfort is still #1, but as you know, there are many factors when considering going out dancing (1st date | Blowing off steam | Girls/boys night out (wish more boys would go out dancing Salsa) | Celebrating something special | TGIF).  So, dress to fit your mood!

Note:  When one goes out Salsa dancing for a considerable amount of time, one gets to sweat a lot.  

A  One of the keys to dancing (as well as life) is balance.  So shoes that give you good balance would be a good choice when one starts learning how to dance.  Here are a couple of extra tips…
* Clean in-door shoes
* Flat shoes with a smooth bottom to help with the turning (spinning)
* 2-3 inch heel for those comfortable with heels (i.e. can run with them, smile)
* Close fitting shoes

Please send me an email, and I will share the music I use in class.  You can also ask our resident DJ’s for some suggestions on good dancing music that they play here on Friday & Saturday evening.

Our class sizes are small, ranging from 6-12 students.  For the age range, from 17 yrs to 73 years.  

A  We have two types of private lessons:  One-on-One classes and Wedding Dance Classes (for individuals or couples). Here are a couple of things to note about these services:
* Lessons are scheduled to fit your schedule
* You can call/text 12 hrs in advance to reschedule
* Be prepared to have a fun time with us

More details
Private lessons (https://www.fdcommunity.com/private-lessons/)
Wedding Dance Fitness Lessons (https://www.fdcommunity.com/wedding-dance-fitness/)

A  Our address and a map to our studio are at the footer of our website.  

For parking:
-> Free street parking for 2 hours
-> Here is a link for the City of Guelph parking lots and fees (https://guelph.ca/living/getting-around/drive/parking/downtown-parking/)

A  Unfortunately at the moment, no.  We used to host an all-activity March break and Summer Camp for kids ages 6-12yrs, as well as teach weekly classes.  Maybe one day, in the not-so-distant-future, we may offer Kids Camps again, so please check back with us once in a while.

B  The only fun/dance activities we have for kids now are during our summer-out-door-dance-activities with the Flying Dance Festival.  Please visit our sister website for more details on children activities.  Thank you (www.fdfest.com)

Group Wedding Classes
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