Lunch Break Dance Workout



The FDComm’s workshops are offered throughout the year by FDComm’s instructors, as well as guest instructors from various dance communities. We offer introductory to advance workshop to the many unique dance styles that are not on our weekly schedule, i.e. Argentine Tango | Kizomba | Samba | West Coast Swing | Casino
Rueda | Waltz | Rumba | Ladies & Men’s Styling in Salsa & Bachata | and much more

Note:  We would like to say a special thank you to the instructors who come and share their art with our dance community.

Dance Workshops  Schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning
11:10am to 11:50am
Lunch Break Dance Workout Zoom Meeting:  Click for event details on facebook

Workshop Prices

 ** By donations. Details to come soon, and thank you for your support.  For now, enjoy our classes, cheers 

  Instructors Name:   Jarin
  Dance Style | Discipline: ????

  Instagram:   ????
  Bio:  ?????


  Instructors Name:   Tova
  Dance Style:  Zumba

  Instagram:   ????
  Bio:  ?????


How are the workshops we offer you different from regular dance lessons?

Flexible times:  Scheduled on weekday and weekend: Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoon
Longer dance times:  Run 1.5 hrs long
Specialized:  Working on dance technique i.e. spinning, balance, connection, styling……
Learn to dance faster:  
      I)  Longer workshops times = more in-depth material covered
      II)  Extra dance-time during your workshops 
      III) Able to work on individual steps in front of your instructor

Progressive:  Level 1 & 2  beginner to advanced workshops to continue building your foundations in dance

We hope you are enjoying your visit with us, please let us know how we may be of assistance.  Talk to you soon, cheers.  And of course, we’ll see you on the dance floor!

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